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Spectrum is a community for Christians of all denominations who subscribe to our aims to explore their faith. Although we have strong Methodist links we welcome all main line Christians to join or participate so that we can learn from one another in a spirit of love. Spectrum encourages groups and individuals, lay and ministerial, to explore the Christian faith in depth. We welcome open debate to encourage spiritual growth in groups and individuals.


is planned to be at Kings Park Conference Centre, Northampton, NN11 6LL

from May 17th -19th

The speakers on “Darkness and Light are Both Alike to Thee” at the Conference are Rev Inderjit Bhogal, a Former President of the the Methodist Conference and Rev Catherine Bird a Methodist Minister and Author.

Details can be found on the Reflection page for some documents from Inderjit Bhogal which may help in this difficult time as well as details how to book for the new venue.

Note that you may stay in your own accommodation as listed on the Reflection page at a substantial reduction of the fee.

Following our conferences we produce Study Papers for groups or individuals prepared by the Conference speakers. Past “Explore” Study Papers can be downloaded but the latest Study papers are only available to members currently. Some of the past copies of our magazine Engage can be found on the “Study” page. Members should have received copies recently, if not use “Contact Us” for it to be rectified, assuming your subscription is up to date!

Membership details are on the Community page. The subscription is at least £10 per annum to join and entitles you to our printed material. If you have not updated or paid your subscription you will stop receiving Magazines and printed material. If you believe you should have the printed materials but have not received them please contact Rob Anning by using the Contact Us page as below

Use the Contact Us link if you wish to contact any of the officers. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Also there is a list of contacts on the Community page.

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