CD Resource PackBelow you will find a list of useful contacts

Membership currently costs £10 per year which includes the magazines “Engage” delivered to your door, and the annual study paper “Explore”.

If you have not paid your annual subscription of £10 please do so as soon as possible as the success of Spectrum depends on finances being available to publish the magazine, organise a conference and continue to finance this website.

Please check with your bank whether you are paying the correct amount if paying by Standing Order. If you are still paying less than the £10 subscription you will not receive printed materials.



CD Resource Pack contents

Subs/New Membership/Address Change (PDF)



Co-Ordinator Joyce Firth

Convenor & General Secretary Sue King

Membership Secretary (Groups & Pastoral): Tony Barnes

Engage and Explore Editor : Richard Firth

Mailings of Magazines, etc: Rob Anning

Publicity Officer/World Church Contact: Rob Anning

Conference Organiser: Pat Anning

Irish Correspondent: vacant

Treasurer: Richard Bielby

Elected Representative Carrie Seaton

Webmaster: Ian Bosman

Or you can use the “Contact Us” link where your message will be redirected to the relevant person. Please do not use this for commercial purposes, eg to enhance our listings in search engines. We will simply delete your message.